Why Is Linux Mostly Used for Software Development?

Linux is the top most used operating system for software development with millions of happy users across the globe. When compared to other operating systems, Linux proves to be unbeatable and that why it has been embraced by almost everybody. There are several reasons why Linux is the most used OS. If you are wondering what Linux does better than other operating systems then this article is meant for you.

In this article, we are going to look at the reasons why Linux is the top most used software development.


Security is one of the things that most individuals will look for when choosing an operating system. Linux knows the importance of being secure and thus takes security matters seriously. Linux puts all the security measures in place to keep malware at a bay. There is no need of using any anti-virus program when you choose Linux as your operating system.


Unlike other operating systems, Linux gives users the ability to customize any feature. Users can add or delete any feature they wish to suit their needs. Linux likewise enables users to install different attractive wallpapers and icon themes to make their system more appealing.


The stability of Linux is yet another thing that makes it more reliable. When using Linux, you will not need to reboot after a short time frame. Your system will hardly slow down or freeze.


Another reason why Linux is the most used OS is due to their seriousness when it comes to enhancing the privacy of its users. Linux will never collect your sensitive data and therefore you will never have to worry about your privacy when using Linux services.

Large Community Support.

Linux offers extensive and excellent customer support services so to ensure that your concern is well sorted in a timely manner so as to keep you satisfied. They have enough dedicated programmers who are always available to help you sort out any issue you could be having.

Open Source.

Another reason why Linux is the most used operating system is that it is an open-source operating system. In other words, Linux source code is readily available to any individuals who need it. If you have the ability to code then you can contribute, enhance, modify and/or distribute the code to any person for whatever the reason.

Software Update.

Yet another reason why Linux is loved by very many individuals is that they offer regular and timely software updates. They offer software updates which are much faster compared to updates available in other operating systems. Other than, it is likewise very easy to install these updates without facing any issue.

Great Performance.

Another reason why individuals prefer to choose Linux as their operating system is because of their high performance on numerous workstations and networks.

Having gone through the above article, you now know why Linux is the top most used operating system. If you are looking for the best software development then you should consider choosing Linux and have to enjoy all these plus very many other benefits.